/Google Calendar and Google Keep apps to get Dark Mode support

Google Calendar and Google Keep apps to get Dark Mode support

When Google revealed its Material Design language, a lot of users immediately reacted saying it was too bright and white. It was that time when the idea of dark mode started, and since then, Google has been updating apps with support for dark theme. The latest are two of the popular apps – Google Keep and Google Calendar to get dark mode. Google announced the same in a blog post.

Dark Mode, or dark themes have gained immense popularity over the past couple of years, especially among users who own OLED smartphones. There are certain benefits that one gets with dark themes – it reduces battery consumption on smartphones, and at the same time, is also less stressful to the eyes.

In line with other Google apps, you don’t get pure black theme here, but you get shades of dark gray, whereas event colors have also been darkened. You will be able to toggle the dark mode by heading over to Settings > General > Theme.

When your smartphone gets Android Q update, you will be able to turn the dark mode on/off by selecting the system theme. Also, if you don’t want the calendar and keep app to follow the system theme, there will be a provision to independently turn the mode on or off.

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Google has started rolling out Calendar app with dark theme support, and you will be able to download the latest version of the app from the Play Store. As it is a phased rollout, it may take a while till the update reaches your device. Update for Google Keep could take about two weeks before it reaches your devices. Other apps with dark mode support include YouTube, Messages, Phone and Contacts.

With Android 9 Pie, Google did add dark mode support for UI, but it can only be activated when in battery saver mode. With Android Q, you will be able to activate dark mode from the settings, without having to turn on the battery saver mode.