/Here are the tools you need make an informed vote on election day | CBC News

Here are the tools you need make an informed vote on election day | CBC News

As doors get knocked on, promises get made and party leaders fan out across the country vying for your vote, CBC News has extensive coverage on all aspects of the campaign across our many platforms.

Whether it’s comparing the party platforms, seeing who’s ahead in the polls or getting answers to your burning voting questions, here’s how to follow who forms your next government — and the bumps that happen along the campaign trail.

CBC News app

We’ve added a special section to our news app to put all the news, analysis, video and tools you need right in your pocket to be an informed voter. Follow election stories from your local newsroom, and you can follow our stories about the election topics you care about most.

Voter guide

A roundup of what you need to know to cast a ballot in the election — before you vote, while you’re voting and then when you’re watching results come in.

Party platforms

Compare all six main party’s policies and promises on issues of importance such as taxes, housing and climate change.

Topics covered in our party platform tracker include the carbon tax, deficits, housing, health care and transportation. (Nathan Phillips/CBC)

Poll Tracker

Get the latest projections from our Poll Tracker, which aggregates all publicly available polling data to give poll averages, seat estimates and probabilities of winning.

You can also hear the latest polls using your smart speaker. Here’s how to make it work.

Swing ridings

We’ve identified 60 ridings across the country that tell the story of where the election will be won and lost.

Polling stations will be open for 12 hours on election day, though hours vary between different provinces and territories. (Sködt McNalty/CBC)

Vote Compass

See how your views align with the parties on the issues of this election.

Election live blog

The live blog will be running all election day, giving you the latest updates, analysis and key riding results from reporters in our Politics bureau and across the country. It will also house the Canada Votes 2019: Election Night special.

Fact check

A lot of claims are made during an election but not all of them are true. We’re taking a closer look at what parties are saying, complaining and tweeting about — and if there’s any truth to it.

‘Fake news’

This election, more than ever, will be plagued by misinformation and disinformation, pushed by partisans, bots and even parties. We’ve got a team investigating this and any attempts to disrupt the election.

Political podcasts

For those who prefer to listen, we’ve got a plethora of political podcasts to guide you through each party’s campaign. 

  • Party Lines, a political primer for the everyday citizen with Rosemary Barton and Elamin Abdelmahmoud. Every Thursday.
  • The Pollcast, a deep dive into the polls and historical trends with Éric Grenier. Every Thursday.
  • The House offers analysis on the week’s happenings and interviews with big political newsmakers, hosted by Chris Hall. Every Sunday.
  • And Front Burner, CBC News’s daily podcast, will devote specific episodes to political coverage with CBC journalists and host Jayme Poisson. Daily.

Got a question about the election? Text us

We’ve got a new way to get you ready for the federal election, show you party platforms and answer your campaign questions. You can launch a text message conversation with CBC News by texting the word ELECTION to 22222 (that’s five 2s). Here’s how it works.

We’re breaking down what you need to know to vote, party platforms and taking your election questions throughout the campaign ⁠— all via text message. (Sködt McNalty/CBC)

Election newsletter

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